The Internet

One of the first places to begin how to research for short film grants is right at your fingertips. It’s the internet. You want to start seeking out the film organizations that gives grants specifically to work at any stage in the project’s development. This gives you flexibility on your project, so you don’t have to worry about completing the rough draft of the script, or hiring actors before you are ready. Another way you can use the internet to research short film grants is by looking for grants that will sponsor, national and international artists. Some grants only sponsor their area or local. By searching online within different forums, you will discover entities that will sponsor anyone from anywhere. This again gives the applicant some flexibility.

The Library

Traditionally looking for grants happens in the library. There are dozens of sources to get you started on your search. Start at home, you want to ask the librarian for a list of grants that serve your locale area. This makes it easier for you to drop something in the company mailbox or to meet with the grant head in person before applying. Personal contact can become essential for success. Sponsors may want to see you in person and get a feel of you as a person, before considering your work. You can also use the library to help you write an actual grant.

Many speakers come for tutorial demonstrations, and networking gatherings at the library. There are often monthly topics that focus on how to go for a grant, or the dos and don’t s of grant writing. The great thing about the public speakers at the library is that they are connected to the grant organizations. This is an opportunity to hear them speak in person and to meet briefly with them one on one after the speaking engagement. Pursuing short film grants from a variety of different sources has it’s advantages, if you make the most out of your time and resources you will be funding your project in no time.

Source by A Akanbi