Full-size car window decals are not a difficult product to install -the most difficult part of the process is generally designing a decal that will fit the shape of your window. However, assuming you have measured your rear window correctly, designed your decal accordingly to fit the shape of your window, and it has been printed at these specified dimensions, the actual installation process should be a snap. Here's how to get that professionally-installed, custom-fit look on your rear window:

Step 1. As with any car sign installation, the first step is to clean your vehicle's rear window thoroughly with glass cleaner. Make sure to clean around the rear windshield wiper, handle, or any hinges on the window, as dirt and grime can collect in these areas. Allow the window to try completely before beginning your installation.

Step 2. Using a measuring tape, measure both vertically and horizontally to find the center point of your window. Tape the top of your car window decal in the center position using masking tape. Add tape to each of the top corners of the decal as well for added security. Step back and look at the window to make sure your design fits within the window shape.

Step 3. Undo the tape on one side of the car window decal and pull it back to the center of the window. Tear off or cut away that side of the protective backing. Use a squeegee to apply the decal, swiping from the center outward toward the edges of the window. Since the material is perforated, there's less of a chance of air bubbles, however you should still apply the graphic slowly and carefully to ensure a smooth installation.

Step 4. Undo the tape on the other side of the graphic, pull it back and remove the remainder of the backing. You can now install the remainder of the graphic using the squeegee, working from the middle out to the edges. Step back from the window to make sure the design fits within the dimensions of the window. The entire piece will likely run over the edges of the window, but you'll address this next.

Step 5. Using a razor blade or Exacto knife, carefully trim around the edges of the window, removing the excess material. If you have a rear windshield wiper or handle, cut a slit in the material with the razor blade and install your car decal around it. Rear windshield wipers should not damage your car sign, but it's still suggested that you use it only when absolutely necessary just to be on the safe side.

Source by Robert Kinder