ClickBank is the world’s largest Affiliate network for digital products (eBooks, membership sites etc.). It has hundreds of thousands of affiliates and vendors and great products in all kinds of niches.

Many people interested in Affiliate Marketing choose to promote some products from ClickBank and many website promise easy profits when you promote ClickBank affiliate products.

The reality is not so simple and easy! I read some statistics that report that almost 97% of people trying to make money using the Internet, actually do not succeed.

The problem is that the Internet Marketing requires many skills (e.g keywords search, article marketing, list building, website development) and plenty of discipline. The small guy has to compete with expert gurus which have many more resources and experience to make ClickBank sales.

A new website called the ClickBank Pirate promises to allow an easier access to ClickBank Sales and I found that they have a really professional and helpful approach.

The Cliackbank Pirate site has been created by two highly successful Internet marketers Cindy Battye and Soren Jordansen. They have already helped other marketers before with their Internet Marketing products such as the Daily Niche Idea,the Instant Banner Creator and the Tweet my Blog systems. Their latest creation is an integrated system which offers all tools needed to succeed as a ClickBank Affiliate Marketer.

You receive an Affiliate site with all tools needed to start immediately a campaign for ClickBank products. They give you Squeeze Pages, Thank You Pages, Download Pages, autoresponders, followup mails and much more. This will allow you to make ClickBank sales as experienced Internet Marketers.

Most of the sales generated from the CB Pirate method is based on using squeeze pages to capture visitor information, offer free reports and then following up on them later to close the sale. This is the tested and proven strategy that Cindy and Soren have been using for many years to make an automated income online.

They ClickBank products are chosen after doing niche research to identify products with a high probability of success.

When you sign up, you receive a site which includes 5 ClickBank products to promote (called Access packages) and each month a new ClickBank product will be added. The products are not the same for all Affiliates. They offer different product combinations to different members in order to avoid too much competition and help you to make ClickBank sales.

Each Access package includes also many promo tools such as Emails, Tweets, Blog Posts, Articles, Thank you pages ads, Email signatures and Banners. They are produced in a professional manner by highly experienced Marketers.

The only downside point, in my opinion, is that you have no control on the leads generated by the system.

However all the email going out from your list will have your affiliate links embedded in them and have been written by Soren who is good at writing promotional messages and will continue to tweak your messages to help you achieve maximum success with ClickBank sales.

Source by Mario Pesce