Paid Advertising in MLM

You work hard in your MLM business and saved money for paid advertising. It’s been a dream to use some sort of automation for your marketing and the road to success has been a climb. Finally, the day has come for you to launch your PPC campaign and you feel a bit unsure about the whole process. Yet, you feel ready to conquer the world, because you believe in yourself and your dream. So, you take the plunge and invest your nest egg into a campaign. A month passes and your campaign was a disaster. You check the data and find out that you had little traffic from the keywords and the script you used was generic. The frustration sets in and now you’re worried about the future.

Ever been like this in a new venture, especially with PPC or other paid advertising and suffered horrible results for your MLM? If you haven’t, but are looking into paid solutions to help your business, you should reconsider your options heavily, first. Organic traffic brings in higher numbers than paid solutions, no one likes ads. If you are bent on using PPC, then you want to read further and deal with the issues involved. A fair warning, other businesses are using the system to further their objectives and most are not successful. If you wish to proceed then please read on.

Common PPC MLM Problems

Now if you’re looking to improve your MLM PPC campaign, one of the biggest issues you have to look at is your quality score. The quality score determines the quality of ads and landing pages used by the keyword. A higher score means the system believes your ads are relevant and useful. The ads are rated on 1-10 and a larger score keeps the competition down, the cost down and you may receive your lion’s share of clicks. It’s not guaranteed to work, most people scroll past the paid stuff and click on the organic elements first. One other problem is that your impressions and clicks may drop off due to either a budget, quality score or competition.

Dealing with the PPC Issues

Now let’s wrap this up really quick on how to deal with your PPC problems and get your MLM business on track. Make sure your landing pages, keywords and ads are relevant. Throw in a negative keyword to reduce irreverent searches. You may want to split test ads to see what works better and it can improve your quality score. If your ads been dropping, you may need to improve your quality score or increase your bid amount. Your daily budget should never be reached, you may need to lower or rise it, depending on the data that your campaign suggests.

Source by David L. Feinstein