The majority of those within the Music Industry limit their transactions to physical and digital sales only. A few more people may even think of merchandise sales and only the smallest percentage ever think of anything trying something else – a very exclusive, and savvy group!

What are Synchronization & Compilation deals? How do you get one and what can you hope to earn from them?

Firstly, Synchronization deals are contracts made between the owner of music and the company/business using the content with pictures. As the name signifies it is the idea of using music with film, games or in advertising.

According to AIM (the Association of Independent Music), there has been a shift towards this area of the music business recently in an effort to generate money lost through the down turn in physical sales.

The good news is that not all the music used is by major artists! Independents can carve out a very good niche in this area too. And the fees can also be quite substantial, any thing from £1000 – £50,000 for a major movie usage!

The better news is that you do not have to recreate the content. Rather you are enjoying content Maximization!

Compilation Deals consist of a contract between the content/music owner and the record company (ies) who want to use your track or tracks in a compilation. Nearly all genres of music from pop to classical produce compilations. As a matter of fact, one of the reasons people enjoy digital downloads is that they do not need to purchase a whole album anymore (especially on some albums that only have one good song on them). Rather, they can buy tracks from different albums. It is that same idea record companies have used for many years.

One of the most popular compilations in the UK is the “Now – that’s what I call Music” series that is rumoured to sell in its 100,000’s. The Ministry of Sound have also added lots of pounds to their bottom line by releasing numerous dance compilations!

Even better is the fact that many companies around the world release compilations of different genres and are always on the look out for tracks.

Let me whet your appetite further. For a compilation licensing deal you could earn anything from £100 – £5000 per track for a non-exclusive licensing deal.

Can you imagine that after you have released your songs on your label, you embark on an aggressive policy of securing compilations deals across the world, and through you efforts you secure 30 compilation deals for an average of £600 each! That will add a contribution of £18,000 to your bottom line all for the cost of sending out a few CDs

If you become so blessed that you manage to secure at least 3 Synchronization deals for £5000 each that is another £15,000! In total you have made £32,000 from one or 2 tracks.

Is it possible? Yes!

Is it easy? No! Otherwise everyone would be doing it!

Mind you, the reason why you have read this article is that you do not want to be like everyone else. We hope you will join the few who are actually making money from the music business, not just wasting time!

Our Gift To You

So here is our contribution to your business. Apart from the insightful news you have just read, we want to forward you a list of 15 music supervisors across the world that you should be talking to about Synchronization deals with the hope of securing a contract from them.

Source by Boomy Tokan