In order for you to be successful in email marketing, you need to put yourself in the customers shoes. If you constantly keep sending emails trying to sell a product, you will either land in the spam section or get unsubscribed which is the last thing you want. If you have an auto responder that will send emails when people subscribe, try to keep the selling and building a relationship balanced with that person.

When you sell, make your email look urgent so it will create the feeling of something that needs to be checked out fast or it will be forever gone. If you send an email and write the subject “watch how he makes this much money” you will get spammed because there is a very big chance your email will not be read. Instead, what you need to do is write “I need to show you something fast.” To create a relationship, it is always best to give free e-books through your emails between different periods of time in order for the person to always think you are going to give a free e-book so they will check out your email.

Make sure your from name is your first and last name because you are a real person and not one of those con-artists.

People are sometimes very lazy to read long lines of sentences. Keep your email short and simple and make sure you try to double space if needed. Send 5 emails every week and sell only 2 products in those 5 emails.

You need to sell less affiliate products so you will create the image in which want to give the customer the best product that will be the most benefit to them.

This is how you build the relationship my friend. You are striving to meet one goal in email marketing and that is to keep your customer satisfied in order for them not to unsubscribe.

I learned this by going onto very wealthy internet marketers websites and adding my email into their capture page. What I learned was pretty much what I just told you in this article. They don’t just sell you the product, they create a relationship with you so you will always keep reading their sent emails. It is always good to do it like this and subscribe to very successful internet marketers captures pages and see how they send emails.

Source by Steve Hakoyan