Who would have thought that the gaming console ahead of its time–the Sony

Play Station Portable
(PSP)–can even play streaming audio in

addition to video playback functions and games? Well, it can. The RSS channel

feature of PSP allows you to listen to music. This guide discusses what RSS is

and how you can get streaming audio content on your PSP.

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication (RSS). So, the RSS channel is a format

intended for you to pull out information on the Internet efficiently as possible

and use it on your PSP. The resulting format can be video, audio, images,

and so on. You can view a sample channel on the PSP when you navigate to a

network using your PSP. RSS channel allows you to stream music via the PSP while


RSS channel takes your music folder, which you should have organized in

subfolders, and makes a dynamic RSS feed of each folder, and this you can add

through the PSP’s web browser. The problem is you will need to set up and even

run a webserver on your PC to do that.

The end results is that, with RSS channel, when you’re connected to the

Internet, you can add link info to your own channel list which will allow your

PSP system to link to the RSS-distributed content that’s available on web pages.

This means your PSP system will automatically try to update the content

that has been recently added to the pages, and you can play the updated changes

on your PSP.

In a way, RSS channel allows your PSP to synch your music files between PC and

PSP via the Internet. That’s it. Now you know how the latest improvements

in the use of the PSP is being enjoyed today. Have fun.

Source by Betty Crosby