Email marketing has definitely taken the world by storm with the advancement of many technologies that people are utilizing. It cannot be denied that most of the sales today heavily come from mobile device purchases. Most of the people today use their smartphones, tablets and other handy electronic devices aside to laptops and PCs in keeping their selves posted from the emails they receive every single day. And since email marketing has changed the way people perceive product and service offerings, brands should also be aware of some pitfalls that could affect their reputation to the target audience who receives their daily updates in emails.

Based on the recent study conducted by the Technology Advice Research in March 2 to 4 in determining what customers expect from the emails they receive daily, why an email is marked as spam, and how often they read emails and respond to it accordingly; results have revealed that 60% of the respondents read emails from brands and 16% of them do it on a regular basis. According to the 42% email subscribers, they only read at least 25% of the emails they receive with great promos and discounts as read by mostly females, while emails that have something to do with news and updates is widely read by males. And in order for brands not to have their email marketing become a fail, considering the 43% subscribers 'wants to have brands send them emails less frequently and the 48% subscribers' desire for an email content to be valuable and informative, will surely save the marketing emails from making a direct trip to the trash.

Though 'one-to-many' approach to marketing have been effective in making conversion in the previous years, instances happen that not at all times, this method clicks. Nowadays, what most consumers give much attention are smart emails that will give them tips on how they could solve a day-to-day dilemma they encounter. A person who receives marketing emails tends to be more engaged on those that can provide them substantial information that is valuable to them that gives them the reason to keep the communication open and rolling. And most of the time, one-to-many email marketing approach works with a factor that includes the balance between a little people power and an automated email marketing tool.

Nowadays many companies provide high-quality email lists from their database that has the lowest bounce rate and guarantees brands 100% opt-in leads with high open rates being offered. It becomes a trend for most brands to depend their email marketing on such tools as this gives a more favorable results and conversions. If email marketing is done intelligently with the technology available and with a little human touch to put across valuable content in promoting brand awareness, surely consumers will welcome brands' email advances wholeheartedly. That is why, strategizing and considering the right approach in promoting products and services to consumers through email marketing, should be given much focus to avoid wasting resources and achieve true conversions.

Source by Christina Tan