With the world economy on the slide, companies of all sizes are feeling the pinch of the credit crunch. Consumers are spending less and costs are rising. Businesses need to find ways of reducing costs and boosting efficiency.

An easy and effective way for companies to cut costs and become more efficient is by automating their software processes. Using automation software to streamline their systems allows them to reduce bottlenecks, increase productivity and lower their labor costs. Not only does this mean companies can save money, they can also serve their customers better and become more competitive.

Automation software can be used to automate any existing software. Companies do not need to change their existing applications and no specialist technical skills are required. Manual procedures can be quickly and easily automated, leading to better use of human resource.

A small loan company has recently been able to increase efficiency and become more profitable, despite the downturn in the mortgage and credit market. Consumers are no longer taking on mortgages and large loans. So the only way to stay in business is to offer small loans which have lower profit margins. While two thirds of their competition have gone bust because they weren't able to make small loans profitable, this particular company has been able to reduce their labor costs and lead times by automating their existing software processes. Despite the poor economy, their profits on small loans have increased.

Iowa Laser, Inc, a metal cutting factory, saves at least $ 75,000 a year through their use of automation software to automate key systems and CNC machine configurations. Software automation allows them to set up jobs for their clients more quickly and reduce wasted time.

First State Bank of Altus, a small bank in Oklahoma, estimates a saving of at least $ 50,000 per year by automating many bank software processes and reducing repetitive manual tasks. They've also used software automation to reduce monthly losses from ATM over-withdrawals by $ 2000.

These are just a few examples of how companies are using automation software to beat the credit crunch and remain profitable.

Automation software can save huge amounts of time by automating routine computer tasks and streamlining manual procedures. Almost anyone can benefit from an automation tool, and you don't have to be a programmer to use one. There's never been a better time to become more efficient and cut costs.

Source by Marcus Tettmar