Z-wave Home Automation Technology is now incorporated inside the Wayne Dalton I-drive Pro Garage Door Operators. So what is Z-wave? Affordable Z-wave technology puts you in control of power outlets, security alarm, lights, garage door access, thermostats, and other home control networks. With Z-wave technology, create mood setting scenes with a touch of a button. Wirelessly control exterior and interior lighting, appliances, and more!

Z-wave has the technology for each Z-wave module to act as a signal repeater. Signals are automatically routed using 2-way acknowledgments to assure every command is successfully completed. The advanced software automatically re-routes through additional modules if interference is detected. Z-wave creates a wireless home automation network with virtually unlimited range for controlling devices within your home.

Z-Wave is perfect for the Do-it-yourselfer. It’s modular design allows you to easily add almost any device in minutes. Simply plug in the device to control into a Z-Wave module, then “join” it to your Z-Wave home automation network! It is the affordable way to automate your home, as you can add to your system over time. Add Z-Wave to a device, a particular room, an entire floor, or whole house.

Just imagine ….. as you leave your home, Wayne Daltons Z-wave technology can turn off all your lights, lower the thermostat, activate the alarm, and close your garage door – all from the convenience of your car . Z-wave automatically routes from one device to the next until everything in the house is off and the alarm is set. The Z-Wave intelligent design enables devices to work together as a team.

So what happens if you don’t own a Wayne Dalton idrive Pro garage door operator? No problem! The Wayne-Dalton Garage Door Conversion Module allows control of any brand garage door operator when used in combination with the Wayne-Dalton Keychain Remote Control, Homelink®, or Car2U(TM) transmitter, and the KEP4 Wireless Keyless Entry System.

I bet you can think of all kinds of neat things you can do with the Z-wave Home Automation System. Sure beats the old Clapper! Clap ON / Clap OFF.

Source by Scott L Jarvis