Are you trying to get the word out about your event or cause? Maybe you want to spread the word about your products and services. Either way, teleseminars can be a huge help. Here’s why and how.

So you want people to find out about your event or business. Of course you can do all the usual things, from tweeting to blogging to letting people know on Facebook — and you should.

You can also do some of the expensive things, such as Google AdWords or other paid advertising.

And you can rely on word-of-mouth.

But there’s one way that can really turbo-charge your visibility: teleseminars (and webinars). And here’s why — and how.

First the why: teleseminars are events. And you can invite people to events, particularly if they’re free. And there are lots of opportunities to promote free events, online and off.

Here are some of the main ones:

1) Teleseminar announcement services

There are several teleseminar announcement services. Most of them have websites where they list teleseminars. There are also a few that send out email announcements about upcoming teleseminars.

Most of them are free, but a number of them offer paid upgrades. If you take them up on their upgrade offers, track carefully how many signups you get through those upgrades to figure out whether they’re worth it.

2) Classified Ads

Some classified ads charge a much lower fee for free events, so teleseminars are the perfect lead generation strategies.

Pick an enticing topic, advertise your teleseminar, and send them to a registration page.

3) Social Media Events

Both Facebook and LinkedIn offer a way to create events — and teleseminars definitely classify.

Once again, be sure to create an enticing topic, and then use these event functions to get the word out.

4) Tweet it

Of course, there’s Twitter as well. People on Twitter respond well to interesting offers of free stuff. So let them know about your event. Tweet about it throughout the day (within reason) and be sure to provide a bit of value while you do so.

Don’t just tell them to sign up for your teleseminar, but also give them some tips as you do so, with the promise of more to come.

5) Press Releases

Since your teleseminar is an event, it’s news. And with that, it’s perfect fodder for press releases. Should you pay? If getting the word out fast, and getting on Google News is important to you, you should really consider it. Try a couple of services and see which one works best. Then build on that.

As you can see, teleseminars are a terrific tool for getting the word out about what you do, and for building your list at the same time.

Source by Elisabeth Kuhn