Once considered a luxury feature, gate automation is now an affordable and practical option implemented within many homes around the country. Though only minor annoyances for some, having to exit your car when arriving home at night or when you’re in a rush can begin to take its toll, especially when the solution is so simple.

Gate openers are generally easy to install and aren’t going to drain your bank account like they would have in the past. Operated by remote control, these systems are a little luxury for all gate owners. Many electric gate systems also increase the quality of security around the home and make it a lot harder for intruders to break in.

Types of gate openers

The type of electric gate operator you choose will depend on which type of gate you own. Operators typically come in two main forms; the swing gate and the sliding gate opener. If your gate swings out to open you’d choose the swing gate and if it slides to open you’d pick the slide gate opener.

Gate operator motors also come in ‘underground’ form, which means the mechanism is hidden underground to provide a more discreet look. Other types of motor include the worm, which are able to open heavy duty gates (but are very visible) and the arm motor, which has a reach around effect.

Most gate automation systems will come with a remote control to allow for easy access within your car.

Installation using an electric gate kit

Installation can be a simple task with the right materials, however, it is a good idea to call a professional if you’re not confident about doing it yourself. Worm and arm motors are the easiest to install, with the underground motors being slightly more difficult for obvious reasons.

Source by Jo Brookman