EBooks are nothing more than virtual books published on a digital medium. Savvy users of the internet use free eBooks to great effect to spread information about any online business.

EBooks are relatively easy to create and publish. There is plenty of software available to help you with this. You could even create an attractive cover with any easily available paint program or eBook cover template. Computer users can access your book in any form such as PDF, HTML, or Word document. A very important aspect of eBooks is that you can add animation and graphics as well. An eBook can consist of any number of pages, but you should keep it just long enough to retain the reader’s attention span.

Free eBooks can be used to attract potential customers to a company’s website if the subject it is on is sufficiently attractive and informative. Books have greater credibility than paid advertising. They are perfectly suited to create a need for a product or service. Since your potential customer has already given you his attention by downloading your free eBook, you can go into considerable details regarding your subject.

Once you have created the need for any particular thing in the mind of your potential customer, you can direct him to your company’s website where he can buy the product.

Needless to say, eBooks are far cheaper to produce and distribute than conventional books. They have a greater reach to your targeted market using specific software packages that target your likely users. The money you spend to create and market your free eBook should be considered a long term investment, although the software required to create the eBook can be available for free. You can create customer loyalty by distributing your book free of cost.

Apart from getting your message across to your audience, you will also be able to hear from them. If you give your customers a forum to post their feedback online, you can be in a position to better understand their requirements in the quickest possible time.

Like any marketing tool, free eBooks will only succeed if you produce and distribute them well. You could use an eBook distribution site for this. You could also give the eBook to people who subscribe to your website newsletter.

Remember to give updated contact information on your free eBook without which a lot of your effort would be wasted. Get set to handle the deluge of queries and orders that this will generate.

Source by Rizvana Abdul