World Wide Web has captured the interest of so many people to join social networking sites. MySpace, Friendster, Squidoo, YouTube, and even blogs are doubling their members’ number everyday. This makes them the perfect advertising medium.

Here are some useful tips on how you can generate traffic using social networking sites:

1. Expand your network. Search and invite members who share the same interest as you or those who needs your product or services.

2. Socialize. Participate in online discussions that maybe directly or indirectly related to your site. When you build connection with your prospective clients, it would be easier to pitch in your products.

3. Advertise. If you are willing to shell out some money, using paid advertisement to these social networking sites will surely not hurt.

4. Thrown in some freebies. People can easily get excited when they are being offered free stuff. If you are selling e-book, offer one for free. Impress them with your writing and expect orders anytime soon.

5. Show your expertise. Write an article about your product and post it to bulletins. Let them know how your products or services can address their needs.

6. Design and Impress. Redesign your page every once in a while. Make it very attractive to entice people to come back.

7. Visit your page regularly. You don’t want to miss the fun and the messages from your prospective clients. You might be surprised to receive questions about your products or even orders!

8. Update you site regularly. Give online users a reason to visit your page everyday.

9. Learn the ropes of soft selling. Advertise your product or site in a subtle way that they won’t even realize you’re doing the selling.

Source by Sean Mize