Facebook has become a very popular social networking site. It is not limited to personal profiles because a lot of businesses also have accounts in Facebook nowadays. Facebook Pages are a good way to market small businesses. However, you can do so much more by checking out paid advertising via Facebook.

It uses the same concept as Google AdWords, which employs a pay per click or PPC advertising program. Although Facebook's PPC was problematic at the beginning, the issues have been resolved now that Facebook has progressed with their program and obviously a lot of advertisers have decided to use it as a good source of traffic to their websites to sell products and services. It also serves as an excellent marketing tool for businesses.

If you are undecided about Facebook's paid advertising program, consider the following factors and see if these will be of help to you and your business.

  1. Facebook has more than 400 million users in the world. So that means you can get your products and services advertised to more people in the world. Chances of people coming across your site will be huge.
  2. Since the small businesses do not really invest much on PPC advertising program in Facebook, you will have less competition and it is much cheaper when compared to advertising with AdWords.
  3. The demographic information that Facebook users will give you so much to start with. Marketers will have a blast in targeting their ideal prospects with all the demographics available with Facebook such as people's age, marital status, gender, education information, et cetera.

You can also run your ads with all this information at hand. As soon as you are ready to run campaigns for a Facebook page, you can choose applications you want to be used for advertising and then just follow the instructions. You can create your very own AdBrite campaign, pay and you can get the code in order for you to add a chosen application to your profile that contains the ad embedded within it.

Since these ads will be charged using the PPC or pay per click basis, it means that when someone clicks your ad, you will have to pay for it. Remember to always be accurate in your ads so that your money will not be wasted with people clicking your ad but who are not really interested in what you are offering.

Take note that your ads are meant to take your viewers or targeted market directly to your sales page where it contains information about the products and services that you have to offer.

In conclusion, Facebook can be used as an effective marketing tool because it is a social network that can achieve your objectives in advertising. If used correctly, Facebook will surely help you in marketing your business.

Source by Jason Nyback