When it comes to beating spam filters, you have two choices.

The first is to avoid using these words and phrases that are most commonly found in spam emails.

According to spam experts, the 20 most commonly used words are:

1. This is not spam
2. unsubscribe
3. amazing
4. check or money order
5. email marketing
6. Congratulations
7. click here
8. free (including toll-free)
9. can be removed
10. Dear friend
11. Guarantee
12. for only ($)
13. risk free
14. great offer
15. order now
16. increase sales
17. promise you
18. special promotion
19. winner
20. can be canceled anytime

This may seem easier said than done because some words are difficult to avoid and replaced. But if you are determined on your purpose of avoiding spam filters, you can definitely find the best solution for this. After all, all of them are just words. You can try and play with them.

The second option would be to try and cloak these words and phrases in the cleverest way you can think of. This can be done by using keyboard symbols or substituting with a symbol some letters.

The ploy is not to make them too puzzling. You would not want your readers to not understand what you are saying. For example, you can use "fr * ee" for the word "free".

Not all spam filters are immune to this strategy and reprimand you for doing it. But you will realize that the points given to you are nothing compares to the points that you can get when you use the phrases and words themselves.

It may not be the best solution but for now, it is the best option you can use.

Another way of avoiding spam filters is to assess how your newsletter or e-zine piles up before you give them away. The only good thing about this is that you will be able to do this with no charge at all.

You can use some online programs to be able to distinguish how your e-zine will rank in Spam Assassin. All you have to do is copy the e-zine texts and paste it on the box found on their site. They will run this for you and e-mail you a copy. The process only takes minutes to give the final result.

The reports will let you know you precisely what words are costs you your points. More often than not, you should only be bothered if your score is more than 5 points. If this is the case, you have the choice of erasing or disguising those words. You still have an option.

Another way of beating spam filters is by duplicating published ezines.

Oftentimes, ezine publishers will send the same issue twice, usually one in HTML and one in plain text. After a few days, they will remind the person to go check out the issue sent to them, in case they have somehow missed it.

Ezine publishers send out duplicate in different formats because they want to beat the spam filters that might filter out one of the two copies.

For the reader and receiver, it might be annoying receiving two of the same copy. But for the marketers, they know that this strategy works. It can actually increase the total number of visitors to their websites.

If you are a newbie in the Internet marketing business, it is recommended that you use this strategy to avoid spam filters.

But before doing this email marketing strategy of duplication, take into consideration some things first.

1. Send the HTML version first. This is very important. HTML is a vital Internet language and therefore it should be your first priority.

2. Modify some of the content and try to add some extra value on the second post. This can be some new posts you want to advertise or a special offer that you have not put into the first copy.

3. Alter the time when you send the second post. If you have mailed the first one in the morning, then try to send the second one later in the day. This is because some sophisticated spam filters tighten up at different times of the day that spam loads are the greatest.

Test out some of these strategies for beating spam filters. If done properly, you will notice that it can actually bring good results to your business.

Source by Elijah Chai