Marketing by email has become one of the best tools to contact and communicate with people about what you have to offer. Whether you have a product or a service that you want others to be aware of you need to somehow let people know about it, and email is an awesome tool.

The big challenge with email marketing is the number of email that hit the in-box of the average person so you have to be inventive to get yours opened and avoid the great delete file in the sky. To keep yourself and your offer top of mind, you need to have regular contact with people and their in-box. This can be a laborious process if you don’t have it automated. You can do much more in the same amount of time by leveraging the work you do by using an autoresponder. It’s like having your very own virtual assistant that works steadily away in the background of your business, keeping you in the minds of those on your list. When your list if familiar with you and your products, they are more likely to buy new or referral products from you because you have build a relationship with them and they now trust you.

By using an autoresponder, you type the messages once and then everyone gets the same message in the same sequence as someone who joined your list over a year ago. This saves you time and it improves customer retention markedly. Time saving plus customer awareness equals more sales equals more profit. By automating your email, there is now more time to work on your business and create more value for the customers you have. Customers loyal to you will even refer others to you, especially if you have regular contact with them.

Your marketing mix can also be automated. Newsletters, discount coupons, special offers, product launches, articles, and even reports can be set into the autoresponder and forgotten as the automated system sends them out to your list from your composed messages, at the delivery time schedule you decide upon so you are free to do other things, even go on vacation. You can make changes any need to make and the system just keeps running to keep your customers informed and engaged for days, weeks and even months at a time.

By providing your customers with a variety of email options like newsletters, articles, birthday greetings, new product launched, freebies, and so on, your chances of getting a sales from a certain percentage of your list is quite probable. What you send and how you send it to your customers should be bases on your knowledge of them and their buying habits. By automating your process, your profits naturally rise.

Source by E. Jean Perrins