Email marketing is a powerful tool that will help you maximize and achieve greater profit in whatever online business you are engaged to. To start marketing your business through email, be sure that you have these five basic tools:

Website address or Domain name. This is also called the Uniform Resource Locator or URL that pertains to your address on the internet system where people all over the globe can visit to become acquainted with your products or services and transact with your business.

Web host. This pertains to the server for your website and these are always online for the whole world to access 365/24/7. There are servers who offer you free hosting account but with certain feature limitations to its tools and resources; while a paid hosting account offers you unlimited resources for you to maximize your business’ potential to the fullest.

Web auto responder. This is an automatic system tool that is attached to your website to track all your email marketing responses. You use this tool to systematically and efficiently follow-up targeted possible clients and can highly increase your business sales. It is suggested that a real human being should monitor the replies to your email marketing, and that person is giving thoughtful, personal replies to each message. It’s also smarter to use an individual person’s name in the “From” field, instead of the company’s name because anything you can do to capitalize on the intimate nature of email just makes sense.

Website system traffic generator. This system will generate an increase in visits to your website. The more visitors your website will receive the greater the possibility to make a business sale. Your website only makes sense if it generates a lot of visitors and thereby increases traffic.

SEO manager. Your SEO manager is the one who will manage all the essential elements to be able to bridge your business with your potential clients. He is trained to develop strategies that will make your website very visible to the worldwide web; and who will generate quality traffic so that your business will achieve its success in the most cost effective, efficient and fastest way. An SEO manager can be hired full-time or part-time through an outsourcing or offshoring service providers.

Email Marketing Strategies. If you open your email inbox and spam letters you will notice that companies have adopted different strategies to draw in regular subscribers which can later serve as your potential clients/customers. Many of them have opted to use the following email marketing strategies to effectively and widely promote their business:

Offering Free E-courses. A free e-course or something along those lines will deliver a much better response than a sales pitch. There is plenty of time to pitch these people down the road AFTER you have gained their trust. Give them something of value first then the next time you offer them, they can’t refuse because you’re valuable to them.

E-newsletter Subscription. Here, a consistently timely set of email marketing newsletters with high quality, interesting, engaging materials and targeted content is maintained and regularly sent to their subscribers. Of course the topics of the newsletters are relevant and related to the product/s or service/s being promoted by the company.

Article/Blog Subscription. While article could be a shorter version and blog is a longer version, both are regularly submitted forms of topics related to the services or products being pushed to sell by a company. Blogs contain more personalized experiences, thoughts or views of the writer while articles are more technical, well researched and informative.

Forums Subscription. Forums is an arena where people discuss topics of common interests, hobbies, persuasions and opinions. Here, they can open a new thread for discussion or comment to the already opened thread for discussions. Different categories and chat rooms are available for the subscriber to join. The wonder of this system is that people from all areas and status of life, from different parts of the world can join and participate on the discussion without any hesitation since they are not live talks. Moderation awaits those people whose views and topics are unacceptable to the forums host.

Video Subscription. A case study was conducted to find out which email marketing strategy was cost and result effective. Results show that video email marketing is 11 times higher than direct mail marketing. From a cost perspective on the single campaign it’s also clear that email marketing with video was obviously not only more effective but far less expensive. “They also loved the fact that the video so clearly illustrated how the new product or service would work.”

Remember that frequency of email marketing updates to subscribers is vital to achieving your goals. Once a day is excessive, yet once a month would not be very useful in pushing up the profit line. As a general guideline, once a week or once every two weeks should be good, except if you have a special message on limited offers. Remember not to flood inboxes of your subscribers so you won’t irk them.

One of the keys to successful email marketing is the development of a consented-based trust relationship with your subscribers and email marketing is really an exercise in trust. All the email marketing strategies cited above are capable of drawing huge and quality subscriptions that will later become your potential buyers and clients.

Source by Carla Loteria