Every online marketer needs to have an email marketing strategy. Having an effective strategy will determine how successful your business will become. The advantage of using email is that it is cheap compared to traditional mail and it is relatively easy to track the results. You can know within a short amount of time the number of people who actually read the emails, clicked on the links and took the action you wanted them to take. Here are 3 principles of email marketing that you should keep in mind.

Do not try to sell something every time

If you abuse your list with promotional emails every single time, you will hurt your business in the long run. There will be more people unsubscribing to your list each time you send out your emails. Most people put a lot of effort into building their list but little effort in actually cultivating that list.

If you do promote a product, try to spread out the promotion over a few emails. You could first do a preview of the product and explain your experience using it. Highlight both the pros and cons of the product. If you only write about the good aspects of the product without balancing them with the possible drawbacks, it makes your review seem biased. Some other ideas you could incorporate include interviewing the product creator, highlighting the results of others who have used the product and doing a comparison with other competing products.

Inform and teach

There a few internet marketers whose emails I look forward to receiving and the reason is because I know that there is something informative that can help me each time. If you are sincere about helping others build their businesses then they will look to you as a resource. Whatever your niche may be, you can be sending out updates on the latest happenings in your industry.


Try to be consistent in your mailings. If you plan to send out an email once a week, then keep to your schedule. Make it a point to send out emails around the same day of the week and this will help your readers to know when to look for your email. If you have trouble keeping to your schedule, you can set aside a fixed time the day before where you spend composing your emails.

In summary, the 3 important principles highlighted here are not overselling to your list, being an information resource and being consistent in contacting your subscribers. If you keep these in mind you are well on your way to greater success with your online business.

Source by Hock NG