You cannot do without email list management application if you run an online business or a marketing company. Let's have a look at how to choose the best email management application and what features to look at.

The software can be divided in to two categories; desktop and web based. This can be the biggest decision you will have to make when selecting the suitable one for you. If you are not a busy person or you do not travel that much and access your computer from one location most of the days (let s say from the office), then the desktop email list management software are the best option for you. You will have all your emails lists in your computer and can access them at anytime through the same computer.

If you are always on the go and is always running on a busy schedule which requires you to access email list management software frequently, then settling for the web based option would be a smart choice. What you require is only a computer and a working Internet connection for accessing your email management application from any corner of the world.

Even when selecting a web based email management software, you have two further options; a set of scripts that run on your own server and an email list management wholly done by a third-party company. In the first option, you are given the opportunity to plug in the email list management software to your own website. In the latter option, the email list software is independent from any other software. If you are not tech savvy, then the latter option will be the ideal companion for your business.

Ability to automate the subscriptions and unsubscribe request are two important features your email management application should have. Specially, if your website has thousand of visitors everyday, handling subscriptions and unsubscribe requests manually will take a lot of time from you. Therefore, make sure you chose for the email list management software with best options that will work for you.

Being able to personalize email is one of the greatest tricks of email marketing. So make sure that the email management software you buy has in built cutomizable templates that you can work with. Many good email management software offer you a basic HTML editor in order to allow you to customize the emails and email templates.

Source by Patrick Sia