Gate Automation Kits allow the user to control a gate from a distance with a remote and switch between manual and automated functions.

The Essential Features

The basic features of a good-quality gate automation kit like would include a powerful yet discrete motor that looks elegant after installation. With an underground operation system the Nice Metro can function well with gates that have leaf length of a maximum of 3.5 m.

Nice Metro Kit

This kit has internal welding and galvanizing on the reinforced foundation box and is supplied with mechanical stops for the opening and closing positions.

Equipped with a powerful gear motor of solid aluminum, this kit offers level IP67 protection for the mechanism. There are two key fob radio handsets along with one pair of safety photocells and the waterproof casing covers the gate control and radio receiver. The two Metro gate motors can be fixed underground with a pair of foundation boxes and function well at up to 110° for reliable opening.

Nice Hyppo Kit

This kit has gate operators which are utilized for automated swing gates. The Nice Hyppo is equipped with an articulated arm and leaves an area of 3 m in width for pillars or large posts.

Available in two versions with the 240 V. or 20 4V, the Hyppo gate operators HY7005 and HY7204 are accompanied with convenient instructions for installation and personal settings. The kit includes a pair of safety photocells, two key fob transmitters and the radio controls along with a weatherproof control and two high-powered Hyppo Motors.

Nice PopKit Kit

Another option is the Nice PopKit which has an articulated arm motor which is very convenient to install and use. This kit is perfect for small gates which have a minimum post width of 150 mm. The gate has a complete kit which includes two separate motors one of which has an incorporated control unit.

There are two key fob transmitters with the radio control which is equipped with a four channel receiver that is a plug-and-play device. A pair of safety photocells is utilized to run this machine and easy instructions and installation guides are available with the kit.

Nice Wingo Kit

For an economical version of gate automation, the Nice WingoKit offers great value for money. It is perfect for swing gates which are small in size and light weight. With a remote control operation the radio controls have to key fob handsets and a plug-in receiver.

There are two individual Wingo motors for operating the articulated machinery and the gate control is housed in an IP 55 weatherproof casing. Equipped with a 24v electromechanical motor this kit is perfect for intensive use and offers durability with economical costs. It is ideal for use with sliding gates with weights of maximum 1000 kg.

Source by Clara Ghomes