E-books are needed as a necessary strategy by contemporary marketing personnel to offer the detail often lacking in everyday marketing campaigns. However, the writing format is also critical to success.

Even though e-books are often seen as a quickly developed, minimal length, cheaply produced, digital books, this is not the way creditable authors produce their e-books. (Unfortunately, this does become the case for often poor quality e-books produced with an ulterior motive, often to do with self-marketing / promotion, S.E.O.’s, or high website traffic aims, etc.)

A good e-book would be a minimum of about 200 A4 pages, with an average high quality one being between 300-400 A4 pages. These books would be written with the purpose being to inform the reader in a detailed way how to achieve whatever the aims were in the particular area of expertise offered in the e-book. Four marketing e-books I have written in 2009-10 range in length from 190 to 369 A4 pages.

By its very nature, e-books can be continually updated and uploaded to various websites for placing on the market. This is a huge advantage over everyday hard-copy textbooks, which usually take many months to be edited, printed, marketed and sold! I have been able to fully update my e-books twice each in the past year and immediately uploaded these for sale, literally the day it is edited and approved!

I have found that the most successful way to succeed with giving thorough detail in the marketing field is to write the e-book in a summarized point format. This allows for a large variety of topics to be covered and for the reader not to be overawed by copious amounts of words on each specific point being made. Summarized points are often more easily read and often easier to interpret and understand. The page layout is also far more conducive and attractive and therefore should appeal to more people and hence be more successful overall.

The e-book is becoming very quickly a necessary marketing tool for the contemporary marketing personnel in today’s digital world. The detail it gives can be very successful when combined with an appropriate writing format – particularly the summarized point format.

Source by Bryan W Foster