Facebook is wonderful for staying in touch with family members, good friends and your favorite hobbies and interests. It's one of the main ways Facebook is used. But, when it comes to business, is Facebook a disruption?

It's not unusual to hear business owners say that they get "sucked in" to their Facebook newsfeed and end up scrolling through Facebook rather than working.

However, instead of viewing Facebook as a diversion to your business, you can make it work for you so that it becomes a valuable resource instead of a place to lose time and get sidetracked.

Your Business Page

The general agreement is that your business page on Facebook needs to be split from your personal one. If you find Facebook a disruption when you're using it for business, stop non-business communications on your business page, like online games or surveys that have nothing to do with your business.

Don't Go Over The Top

Like any building of business and getting clients, Facebook takes time. Facebook may take a shorter period than some of the older methods but it still needs to be done gradually and carefully. You won't attract clients if you only use Facebook to saturate them with special offers for your products and services.

Make It Interesting

Facebook is the sort of place where reputations can be made or destroyed. Think through what you post before you post it and be sure you deliver on your promises. You want people to want to click the "Like" button and return to your page, so make it interesting. You can have freebies, engaging content, links to interesting websites, and so on. Make sure you keep your page updated so fans and visitors don't lose interest.

Facebook Groups

Joining groups that are related to your business interests is a good way to use Facebook's connected online community to promote your business. You can encourage others to join, too, and create your own group. Facebook groups are free to set up and provide an excellent place to connect with people in your industry and potential customers.


You can make use of Facebook's numerous applications (apps) to promote your business. Facebook has apps that make it possible for you to send messages to clients and prospects, like an email account (the "Inbox" app). Facebook also provides Platform, which allows you to modify your own apps which you can use yourself and even sell to others.

Source by Jon Allo