I bought this product a few days ago and I must say I am very pleased with the product. I believe this would be a great buy for any newbie affiliate marketing. I am going to tell you exactly what the product is without all those outrageous income claims.

CopyPaste Traffic focuses on teaching “List Building” and “Ad Swaps” for driving traffic. The first video will teach you how to set up a squeeze page step by step. They go through the process of picking the right domain name and hosting company, and how to integrate everything. They walk you through this process step by step so anyone can do it.

CopyPaste Traffic includes a piece of server based software in the member’s area that allows you to create squeeze pages by filling out a short form. All you have to do is enter your Clickbank ID and Aweber List ID. This is really a great piece of software that saves you a bunch of time. They also provide you with “free gifts” you’ll be giving away to your new subscribers to build your list. The Squeeze page generator is worth the $37 on its own.

The second video teaches you how to drive traffic to your squeeze page. You’ll do this by using different types of advertising. This is where the “ad swaps” come into play. You will learn how to do this method and where to go to be successful. All of the traffic methods in the CopyPaste Traffic course are either free or low cost.

The third video teaches you some advanced advertising strategies, how to create your own products to sell, and how to use exit pop ups and adtrackz. The members area also includes some great how-to videos, email campaigns, and bonuses.

Overall, this course is worth the asking price. You’ll actually be getting a lot of value for your investment.

Source by Ben Ortiz