Confectionery is an artificial food group, sometimes also called confection, and has got lots of sugar or artificial sweeteners in it. It is also known by different words around the world such as sweetmeats, sweets in UK, lolly in Australia and candy in U.S. These confectionery delicacies are packed by confectionery machines and are then delivered to us in beautifully packages.

Confectionery products include chocolate, candy bars, sweets, lollipops, candy floss and other sweet items by different names. Confectionery can be mainly differentiated into ‘Hard sweets’, ‘Fudge’ and ‘Toffee’. Besides these, there are others such as Liquorices, Chocolates, Marshmallow, Jelly candies, Divinity and Marzipan.

For packaging of these confectionery items confectionery machines are employed. There are different types of confectionery packaging machinery such as candy packing machine and lollipop packaging machine.

Confectionery packaging machinery industry is developing very fast since early 21st century. The packaging technology has now advanced to a very high degree. Packaging of confectionery nowadays is simply not about packaging but also designing, printing and labelling, beside others.

India is a big centre for confectionery packaging machinery industry. This has been achievable due to loads of technical knowledge, cheap labour, and friendly government policies.

Packaging automation uses the most beneficial operational procedures to bring in the best results. Automation is about optimising and giving utmost profitability. Packing automation is a much specified area. Fabricators the world over are going for packaging automation to cut down costs and increase their efficiency. It has added good changes to the whole process of packaging and aid in attaining better efficiency.

Packaging automation can be specified as a cognitive process of making packaging process operate in a self-directed or simply, in a self-controlling manner. As regard to packaging, this meaning can be conformed to contemplate the aims of packaging. Automation in packaging has created new vistas in this technical field.

Some areas where packaging automation can make a big difference are described below:

In Design and Engineering field, automation saves time, produce simpler design and assist in Standard check and control. In fabrication process, it replaces bungle-some relay, furnishes system of logic controls, substitute lots of hard-wired controls, cut down wiring, quicker and comfortable installation process always in time. Mechanization is easy to maintain and operate, increase tractability in the packaging process, heightens productiveness in services, cut down dependence on human and reduces Period of time.

In the modern times automation in confectionery machines industry business helps you to keep abreast of competition, assist in capturing new markets, and develop safety standards.

Source by Rajesh Sidsam