Online marketing is synonymous with online business. But did you know that traditional marketing, or offline marketing is still beneficial to an online business? You read that right. Both offline and online marketing need not go against each other. But rather, you may incorporate both marketing efforts into your marketing mix to make sure that you maximize your ROI, or return of investment.


Numerous studies have proven that traditional marketing is an indispensable medium in influencing the behavior of customers, both in the online world or otherwise. Traditional marketing strategies can reinforce the message conveyed from its online counterparts. That being said, you shouldn’t neglect the marketing capabilities that the TV, radio, print, and other traditional mediums have in delivering your business to audiences across the world.

So how exactly can you integrate offline and online marketing strategies together to your marketing mix? Well, there are several ways to do this, and may even work one out one on your own if you’re creative enough.

Have a professionally designed website

This will be the flagship that sends your messages to your target customers so make sure that your website is not just about beautiful styles and vivid colors. Instead, it must be appealing but at the same time provides easy navigation, so in case they need to contact you regarding their concerns about your services or products, you can be reached easily. Make it a point that your site is up to date with fresh and useful content, and never make it seem like you don’t have time to update your website. This will have a huge reflection on your personality, and you wouldn’t want to end up turning off prospective clients, right?

Attach your URL in each and every online and offline marketing materials.

You’d want to ensure that your brand/business gets as much exposure as you can so that it can be recognized by consumers faster and guide others more to the doorstep of your business. Include your domain name in every letterhead, business card, banners, your blog, and other marketing mediums that you use.

Encourage the audience to visit your site and learn more about your services, products, or business.

If you promote via magazines or newspapers about your latest product for instance, then do advise the reader to drop by your site to find out more about your offering. If your URL is easy to remember or catchy, then it can turn viral especially when you’re advertising in media like television, radio, and the towering, digital billboards.

Give away special coupons

Lure the audience into visiting your site by giving away coupons, discounts, or other exciting deals. This way, you’ll get to increase your chances of actually making a sale.

These are only a few means of using offline marketing together with your online marketing strategies in order to promote your business effectively and boost your sales rates. So if you haven’t considered implementing these, try them now and see the results!

Source by Janice B Alcantara