Film production is a lengthy process and this entire process needs many equipments. Among all the equipments some are simple and some are technological. Clapper board is a simple and small tool which is used in the process of movie production. It is one kind of slate and a very simple device. But we should not go on its simplicity. You cannot imagine that how important this tool is in the whole procedure of movie making. The main thing in any movie is perfection and this perfection cannot be achieved without this equipment.

How this tool can bring the perfection? If you are asking this question then here I am going to give this answer. It is one type of white and black slate on which the operator or holder of this device write the information about the scene during the process of shooting. This information includes such things like shot number, scene number, director’s name, etc. The operator put this information loaded board in front of camera before starting the scene so that camera captures that information about that scene which is helpful in the process of editing of movie scenes.
The information on this board will be very helpful in the whole making journey. It will be very easy to find the appropriate scenes among all the scenes. This device acts like a boon for the editors. The entire work of this device is to bring perfection in the movies. Even they can help in the synchronization of audio and video clips. All these things show the importance of clap board in the film production. Because without it the director cannot be capable to distinguish different shots of same scenes and it will be next to impossible for the film makers to bring perfection in movies. In short.

Source by Sem Thomsen