An excellent way to build your e-Marketing list is with paid e-Zine advertising. By using this e-Zine advertising you get almost instant results, something that article marketing can't do for you.

Let's take this step by step. The first choice you should make is whether to promote registration of your list or immediately promote one or more of your products. If you have a product that only has a short life, for example one linked with a particular occasion or time, then you need to get purchasers in fast. Direct paid e-Zine advertising of your product may be just exactly the way to do that.

For instance, if you have a product or service that is specifically related to Valentine's Day then you need to get it in front of your potential purchasers in the few days running up to the 14th February. Hang about and your chance has gone for another year.

For the majority of cases though, the purpose of the e-Zine advertising is to get more members so you build your marketing mailing list. In this way you can e-mail them details and offers that can step through over time. Building your list gives you the opportunity of making linked sales or repeated sales so that you get the payback from your advertising spend over a period.

Advertising is always a risk. David Ogilvy, the marketing guru said "I know I am wasting half my advertising spend, the problem is I don't know which half." And that's from someone who spent a lifetime generating really successful ads.

There are many ways of doing paid e-Zine advertising that are relatively inexpensive. Not the '000s of dollars that Ogilvy would spend per ad, but prices from 10 to 100 dollars will do the trick, depending upon your marketplace.

So what are the key points to consider when writing your ad and selecting your e-Zine? The three key points are ad quality, targeting and e-Zine list quality.

Targeting– does the e-Zine publishing to the marketplace area that you are targeting? For example, it's no good advertising a puppy training course in a specialist golf magazine. Even if the readers are thinking about getting a puppy, a long shot in itself, that thought will not be at the front of their mind as they are contemplating how to improve their golf drive.

List Quality – Do the constituents of the e-Zine publisher's directory respond to the type of advertisement you are intending to place. This is difficult to judge as all you can go on is the publisher's data and any historical reports you can find on Internet Forums. That is, except if you can discover someone who has had actual relevant paid e-Zine advertising experience with this publication. So try to see if you are able to view a specimen of the product in advance and discover how long the publisher has been in business.

Ad quality– you only have a small space to make your pitch. A regular advert is 5 lines by 60 characters. In this ad you must grab the reader's Attention, tweak their Interest and build their Desire so they take the Action you want. Don't forget that as you are composing– AID A. Or as another writer put is so succinctly– "Remember the Reader and the Result"

Allow for repeated attempts in your budget. You can try variants on your copy and in different e-Zines. A one-off shot, unless you are very lucky, will not teach you much. That way you will be working to enhance your results and worth for your advertising dollar.

Make sure you run your ads in such a way that you can measure your results. For example, create a new list especially for respondents to this campaign, use a dedicated landing page or run it at a time when all other activity is very low. What you can measure in your paid e-Zine advertising you can improve.

So, should you try Building Your List with Paid e-Zine Advertising? It won't cost you much to find out and, following the above guide you will be giving it your best shot. If it does not work for you then you can move on with that extra knowledge. When it does work, and the results flow through, then you can continue to build your e-marketing list with valuable members by repeating your successful formula of paid e-Zine advertising.

Source by Tony Lord