The tough competition in the landscape design field is a nemesis to the startup and small-scale landscapers. Not being able to work around this barrier will lead to the downfall of your landscape design business. You have to come up with strong marketing strategies to counter the problem. Branding is one thing that you should not discount in your list. When done properly, branding can take your landscaping business to the first step to having a long-term growth.

Your branding campaign should be powerful enough for your corporate brand to stay in the minds of your prospective clients. In this regard, you have to come up with tactics that will make your landscaping business memorable. Your efforts should also be able to invoke the correct emotion among your target audience – which will eventually increase sales. Using the correct tools in branding is an important aspect of this strategy. Here are few ideas that you can use to build the corporate brand of your landscape design business:

Essential Tools in Landscape Design Business Branding

o POS (Point-of-Sales) and Counter Displays – Flyer prints, brochures and rack cards are effective marketing materials that you can stack or display on these areas. These prints help in boosting your branding campaigns because people are willingly picking up your copies and took them home. You can ask your landscape suppliers to display these materials for you in exchange for regular purchases that you make with them.

o Stickers – You can hand out stickers with your logo, name and business tagline. Design your stickers with compelling graphics and make copies that your clients will want to keep. Beautiful flowers, cute garden gnomes or flamingos, and bonsai plants are some of the things that you can use as inspiration for your sticker designs. These prints can help in your branding efforts because they can be stuck just about anywhere. People can see them and they can be reminded that they can use your expertise when it comes to landscape designs.

o Free Calendars – Since the goal of branding is to put your brand name on top of your customer’s minds, the print materials that they can see everyday are great tools. Calendars are one of the things that people look at every day. So, it will be good to have your landscape design business’ name and corporate identity on those prints. For every page, you can add a photo of your landscape concepts or projects. For the before and after project, it would be best to insert a small photo of the “before” look of the garden that you have designed.

o Event Sponsorships – Events like concerts, festivals, sports events or even community exhibits are great avenues to establish your brand image. As a sponsor, your business name and logo will show up on the event’s advertising materials. These may include posters, vinyl banners, flyers or even media advertisements.

o Direct Mailing – Campaigns like this are very essential in building your brand name because they place your corporate message right into your client’s hands. For direct mailing, you can use marketing materials like postcards, flyers, newsletters, brochures and even catalogs. A successful branding strategy lies in how adept and dedicated you are with executing only the best plans. It is critical, then, to ensure quality on all your materials. People usually equate the quality of the materials handed out by a certain company to the quality of the services that company offers.

Source by Merlina Palencia