Email marketing is truly amazing. The power it has when it comes to increasing your sales and profits is incredible. I have yet to see a marketing method more effective for getting sales ever in my life… offline or online. Plus it’s cheap to do! You don’t have to invest thousands to get started, or hire a printing company, buy stamps, envelopes, paper, etc.

This is why email marketing is the driving force behind my business. I strive to turn all of my website visitors into subscribers of my email newsletter, and I give them information that can help them succeed online. It’s a win-win for everybody. They benefit because they learn more, and can implement more… and I “win” because I get to add more equity into my business.

I want to share with you some email marketing techniques that you can use to enhance your online business, and start supercharging your sales and profits. If you’re just leading people to your sales page, and they’re not converting in to customers, then you need to change things up. And you can start with an email newsletter. Here’s the first tip:

1) Test email frequency

For some people, different email frequencies work best for them. What do I mean by “frequency”? I’m just talking about how often you should send out emails to your subscriber list. I’ve heard one person say that you should email out to your list anytime you have something important to say. I still don’t know exactly what that means, but, that’s a different story.

In general, it differs per niche. Plus depending on the niche that you’re in, you might have limited content on the subject. So you might want to stretch your email content to last for about 30 days, since you don’t have to write about. If you’re in a niche where there’s a lot of information available, then you have to make the judgment call. Here’s another tip for email marketing:

2) Pick a good autoresponder provider

An “autoresponder” is simply a software program or application that allows you to automate your email marketing. So if you have an email list of around 1000 people, you don’t have to sit at your desk everyday, and personally send out 1000 emails to the people on your list. Instead, be smart.

Invest in a good web-based autoresponder program like Aweber or Getresponse that will automate your email marketing for you. This will free up your time tremendously, and will add a new element into your business that will make you even more profitable. Prices will vary though.

After you sign up for an autoresponder initially, they will probably charge you around $19/month. And then the more subscribers you get, the more the price will go up. This is well worth it in my opinion. If you’re not good with the idea of paying $19/month or $29/month for an autoresponder, then you need to get real with your marketing and business plan.

Hopefully you can see the benefits of having an email subscriber list. It’s easy to boost your income with one, and you can see results immediately. Good luck with your email marketing efforts!

Source by Randall A Magwood