One of the most important things to remember when promoting your company is consistency. Maintaining a steady image in your audience’s mind yields a better chance of them remembering it.

When thinking of a business, a person should be able to associate it with something – or at least that’s what we hope happens. For instance, when you think of Nike, the image that you recall is a giant check. Similarly, the name McDonald’s immediately paints those large golden arches within your mind.

Nowadays, with social media booming, companies have an opportune chance of branding with little to no cost! Utilizing some of the many social networks available such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, businesses now have numerous outlets to promote their company other than through their own website.

Each site that I have listed, as well as the others out there, allows you to add an image. This is your first step to creating a long lasting impression on your viewers. When a person stumbles upon your logo on Twitter and then the same logo on Facebook and LinkedIn, they will begin to recognize it from the previous source and the logo will linger in their minds.

Staying consistent with your company description, services and contact information is vital, too. Changing things around from one site to the next will only result in confusion. Branding is more than just about logos; every piece of information sent out to your viewers should remain the same.

There is no doubt about it; branding is necessary in the success of your business. But why buy in to so much paid advertising when the same tools are right in front of you…for free! Social networking sites get your name and logo out there in a cost effective manner. All you need is time and the know-how.

The great thing about these sites is that you can target your exact audience. Companies and individuals are divided into industry-specific and region-specific subgroups allowing you to reach the best audiences for you.

With social media on the rise, and more and more people participating in the movement, it would be in a company’s best interest to utilize these tools to get its name out there. Branding can make all the difference in the success of your business and social media is the most convenient and cost effective way to start!

Source by E. Minatore