You have probably noticed those pay per click (PPC) advertisements that appear at the top and side of the screen when searching the web, but have you thought of using those little ads to market your own online business. Well there are a number of advantages to be had with the PPC programs, with the most popular being the Google AdWords program. Let’s take a look at four of the main benefits.

Instant traffic – perhaps the most beneficial reason to set-up a paid advertising campaign is the ability to drive a new audience to your website almost immediately. Organic SEO, which relies on various techniques to bring a webpage to the top of the search results, can at times take months to produce positive leads of a significance, but a PPC program can produce results from the get-go. If used in conjunction with a SEO strategy, it is possible to reply on the ad campaign to bring in visitors until a page starts to rise to the top of the natural search results.

Analytical Software – to determine the effectiveness of a campaign you can gain access to all-inclusive performance reports, which will detail all aspects of a PPC ad and how it is performing. If an ad campaign is found to be underperforming, this gives the data to help adjust advertisements as you see fit. Low value or ineffective ads can be adjusted or shut down entirely. If an original set of keywords don’t provided the expected results, a small amount of tweaking often helps you to create better performing ads. Being able to eliminate the non-performing ads and replace those with the ones delivering the best results is fundamental to a successful PPC campaign.

Budget Flexibility – complete control over the cost of each PPC campaign is given to you, the advertiser. Paid advertising works on a bidding system, with costs calculated per click, meaning you only pay for the clicks your ads actually receive. A great number of variables are taken into account to determine the cost of click, with some including the industry you’re advertising in and the level of competition. Setting a daily advertising budget gives complete control over the costs – where budgets can be set as low as $10 per day for a small campaign.

Precise Targeting – besides having the ability to control the pricing of a campaign, it is also possible to target by location or geographically. For instance, if you wish to provide a service to a specific area only, than that is certainly possible to do that. In a similar fashion, if you only wish to advertise at a particular time, than that is also possible. Enormous control is given to almost all aspects of a campaign, and it is possible to set up these ads in a matter of minutes.

Source by Colin W Brazendale