This article has been written with the motive of helping people or candidates who need some in depth knowledge about the automation training course. I hope you are well aware about the scope for automation and its benefits. Today we are living in a competitive world and we need to improve our self through our knowledge and we should come forward to learn some new concepts and techniques so that we can match our self with this competitive world. Many candidates are not aware about different fields that have scope to live and also they don’t even want to know that. As an educated people, it is not good so and we need to know the current events and trends so that we won’t be depending on particular field.

The automation field has many benefits and also have wide scope for the people, so my idea is to make aware of this field to you and here my awareness starts. In automation training, you will be first learning Plc and you will be introduced about the process control automation and also you will learn brief introduction to process control automation. Next you will be taught the history of automation and in those histories you may have a chance to learn about things such as how it has been formed? When it is used first? How it got developed? The automation industry uses relays and relays are electrically operated switch and it is used to control a circuit. Most of the automation industries have relay logic circuits and in plc automation training, you may have a chance to learn the concept of relay logic automation.

In this programming system, you need to know the architecture of plc and it is very essential to learn and also some basic concepts will be taught to you. The best part in plc automation training is you come to know the role of plc in automation and various ranges available in plc. Programmable logic controller is designed for multiple input and output arrangements and the automation course includes the type of input output, source sink concept in plc, truth table implementation, timer block programming, counter block programming, programming instructions, trailing edge instructions, troubleshooting and fault in plc. When you learn plc, you can upload, download and monitor programs. Do you know a control system called distributed control system? This system has been widely used in many industries for monitoring and control purpose. The course content includes the architecture, advantage, scope and common addressing of distributed control system.

Plc and scada are the backbone of automation and it fails if one of it doesn’t meet the requirements. You will learn scada and its architecture and other modules. Similarly the course content includes pneumatic controls, variable frequency drivers, HMI/MMI and control panel. If you learn plc training in Chennai, select the best centers that can teach you this course in a well manner. The course content may vary from institute to institute and select the centers that can cover all the aspects in automation.

Source by William Raanjan