Many people are looking for Mafia Wars tips to help them dominate this popular social networking game. Lots of people are beginning to use automated software that does some of the more mundane tasks for you on autopilot. In this article I will explain how the software works and what it can do for you.  

Okay, one of the things that works well in this game is growing your family. The most common way of doing this is sending a message to all of your contacts on your social network that contains a personal invitation link.  

However this can take some time and this is where automation is great.  

  • You can get your hands on a small piece of software that integrates itself with your social networking platform, it then captures the ID of either all of your contacts or contacts that you select and temporarily stores them.
  • Next there is usually a place for you to type a single standard message that invites people to join your family.
  • Once you hit go the software begins to go through each of the Ids/contacts you selected and sends this message to all of them in one go. An easy way to think of this is it is exactly like sending one e-mail to multiple contacts. It is very quick and efficient and will save you lots of time.

Imagine having thousands upon thousands of contacts and adding more everyday. Once you have imported their IDs into the software you will be able to send out loads of invitations in one go every single day. Think of sending 100 invitations and getting a 10% success rate. That’s 10 new family members every day all on autopilot, thats 300 every month!  

Using automated software for Mafia Wars strategies is highly effective. You can pick up lots of tips and techniques like this from some killer guides are available on the Internet right now.  

Source by Richard Doody