Recently, I came across an interview with David Fischer from Facebook about purpose-driven marketing. Social good is no longer a topic for discussions by some thought-leading companies. Businesses understand that getting involved in making a social impact makes a difference not only in the communities they serve but also to the bottom line of their companies. And, as this sensibility increasingly becomes the norm, it stands to reason that more and more of the public will be engaged in different elements of philanthropy.

Because Facebook is the leading and most significant social networking platform in the world, it plays a critical role in social good.

Did you know that Facebook does not charge any fees to nonprofits for gifts that come through its platform? That means that 100 percent of the donations your supporters give to you through Facebook go toward your mission.

Facebook Charitable Giving Tools

Facebook has some tools that your charity should explore and perhaps use to help you expand awareness for your organization and also the revenue you raise. Millions of people are on Facebook, including your supporters and donors, so it should be the primary platform you should be using on social media. If you have not yet explored its Charitable Giving Tools, I encourage you to take a look at it and figure out a way to get your organization using at least some of the tools.

Donations on Your Facebook Page

As I say often, get a Facebook page for your charity. I’m still surprised when I hear that organizations don’t have a Facebook page. It’s the simplest thing you can do to begin to market for your nonprofit. Facebook now allows nonprofits to accept donations directly on your organization’s page without having your donors leave the Facebook platform. Now, I understand the pros and cons about why they should be redirected to your website, but the reality is that audiences in Facebook prefer to stay there and not go elsewhere.

Dedicated Supporter Pages

We know that in today’s world of authenticity, peer to peer fundraising is an essential element in fundraising. Facebook allows your donors to raise money by telling their own story in their relationship with your organization in their own words, relaying your mission, and inspiring their circle of friends to support your fundraising goal. It also allows for their friends to learn more about your work through Messenger and Live video, as well as to collect money for your organization through the platform. When people donate, they are encouraged to share your page with their friends on Facebook.

Live Video Fundraisers

Today’s world is one that’s full of images and videos. One of the most exciting things that Facebook’s tools allow is that your supporters can add a donate button to the live video that they’re streaming. So, let’s say that your organization is running some fundraising event, if your supporters are live streaming, they can add a donate button to their live video and have their circle of friends who watch the live stream give directly to your group.

We know that to operate a successful nonprofit organization, it takes a lot of work. But, one of the most critical things you can do is market it consistently and effectively. Facebook, as the most significant social media platform in the world, should be part of your marketing efforts. Additionally, since Facebook allows your donors and supporters also to use tools so they can amplify and expand your voice, as well as your bottom line, it’s essential to communicate how your champions can help you. Let them know this in newsletters, communications, and discussions with you.

Source by Wayne Elsey