19. What led you to choose your major or field of study?

You don’t want to give them a reason similar to the reason why I majored in business which was because I couldn’t think of anything else to major in and, at the time, I didn’t like to read or write an extensive amount. Though, I’m sure a lot of people reading this were in a similar boat. The reason I don’t like this question is because it shows that the interviewer didn’t really think before putting this on his or her question list. The reason why is that many colleges ask for your major before applying which means that you were 17 years old. How were you supposed to know what you wanted to do? How is anyone?

If you were to shoot that question right back at the person who was interviewing you, they would not have an answer. You know why? Because they are a HR representative at a large company and I could guarantee you that the person did not wake up at 10 years of age and say, “Well, Sally you should be a HR representative at a construction related company.”

Though, don’t tell them this little tidbit. Here are some realistic answers why people majored in what they did: the school within the university was easier to get accepted to, they were unsure what they wanted to do, etc., etc. If these are the reasons, by all means tell the m that. Don’t feel ashamed by it. If they want to judge you because you majored in x so you could get a top notch education at a particular school, let them.

If you want to play music to their ears you can always say:

“I think my major gave me a well rounded education. Instead of doing pre-med with all science, I got to learn x, y, and z.”

20. What did lead you to your college of study?

#19 and #18 should cover this question.

21. What college subjects did you like best? Why?

With this question, it is not the answer which matters. As a matter of fact, with most entry-level questions and, in somewhat life, it is the reasons why you said what you said not exactly the first statement. If you tell them your favorite subject, you will be able to discuss it a lot better and your answer will sound more interesting. If you give them a generic answer, you won’t be as passionate about the subject and, subsequently your answer will suffer. If you feel that the class has nothing to do with the actual job, lead in with the following:

“I know it may not be related and I did learn a lot in my x classes, though I really liked ____________ It mainly had to deal with my professors. I just thought they were more into teaching then _________.”

22. What college subjects did you like least? Why?

Try to shy away with the “ones that had tests” or the “one that had an 8 a.m. class” answers. What they want to hear is that:

“I enjoyed certain classes within each subject, so there was not an overall subject which I did not like; there were just some individual classes which I did not love because I didn’t love the professor’s philosophy, the tests I was given were on information which I would never use in life, etc.”

Source by Ken Sundheim