Those who want to enter into the automation field should know all the in and out of this field because in future, this field will be preferred by each and everyone and you should not lack behind at that time. Electronics and computers is what all automation is concerned of and it is a step behind mechanization. It was in the use during industrial revolution itself, the English textile machine operators during the 19th century protested against the automated weaving looms and destroyed those machines considering that it would be a threaten to their jobs. Later on everyone understood the importance of automation systems and now it has been widely used in many industries.

The automation has various goals apart from productivity and costs. They are used to increase the quality substantially and it increases the reliability and precision. For example, if you see those days, the engines were installed manually by the trucks and pistons, but now it has been changed and it has been automatically installed with reduced error rate. Al these are due to the use of automation. The major advantage of this automation process is the flexibility, convertibility and turnaround time. You can easily shift from one product to other product through with ease by using the automation process and you don’t need to rebuild the production lines.

Different types of automation tools exist and each has its own advantages, but the most widely used automation tool is PLC and SCADA. Engineers are required to control the automation process and if you want to enter into this field, you should have been trained well in the automation process and for that you need to PLC automation training. Once you are trained in PLC automation training, then you can successfully enter into this field and can reach a top position. In India, there are many centres providing PLC automation training so if you need to get trained in a good institute, and then search through keywords like PLC in Chennai or PLC training in Chennai and PLC automation training in India.

PLC has a great impact on automation because as the name indicates, it is a programmable logic controller. In automation, what we are doing? We are controlling the devices and as i said above, we can easily switch from one process to other process through it. How is it possible? It is possible through PLC because you can program it logically and thus it gets the name programmable logic controller. So you can program it through some logic and you can even control as well. It is mainly designed for multiple input and output arrangements and it can withstand extreme temperatures with resistance to vibration and impact. These are programmed using some application software’s so once you learned this, you can easily program the devices and can control as you desire. So my friends learn PLC in Chennai and get placed in a reputed concern with good salary. In the next article, you can see the use of SCADA in automation.

Source by William Raanjan