Most internet based business people today make it a point that they are present in the Facebook because of its millions global users. These people know that social networking is the “in” thing today, and they recognize the vast amount of potential customers they can get with the site.

Social networking sites particularly Facebook, have several viewers logged on daily and these people stay on site for several hours making them a vast potential of leads or may eventually be customers. Because of the numbers of active users, this site makes it the favorite venue of the people for their paid advertisements.

Several of these advertisers, however, make it a point that they have made several steps to avoid facing problems that they may encounter along the way. Facebook may also have its disadvantages aside from the advantages you can get if you have paid advertisement in this site.

Those who engaged in Internet based businesses and want to succeed in Facebook must subscribe to accuracy and relevancy before they start their ad campaign. Facebook reviews all advertisements without exception before an approval is given.

If you want your paid ads on this site, make sure that these are without discrepancies. Advertisement with highly doubtful claims and inaccuracies will surely be disapproved and everything should meet the company’s guidelines before an approval is made.

One good thing with Facebook paid advertising, is you can choose which form will work best for you. The cost per thousand impressions (CPM) can be successful, as well as the cost per click (CPC), with just a thorough testing and optimizing to find out which work best for your campaign.

Advertising in this site can very well make use of targeting of customers because of the varied social class users. You can make it a perfect way to communicate with people in your field and those with relevance to what you offer.

A disadvantage could be that, despite the thousands of viewers who log on, it would still be very hard to convert these viewers to sales of what your offer. Making these people stay on your ads for a couple of minutes to completely understand your product is still very hard.

Another disadvantage is overcrowding and the tendency of viewers to spend more time on one page. While it can be a good mode of communication and connection to a variety of acquaintances, as paid advertisers, you may have lost some opportunities on searches.

Although, it may be true that not every click will convert to sales and not everyone will like your offer, still you have to go on. Facebook is still one of the best ways to give you the opportunity for success.

Source by Jason Nyback