The ACN rep needs to be open to online marketing in today’s world, now more than ever. ACN Inc. is the name that derived from American Communications Network, founded in 1992. This is a good foundation for a network marketing company, as the longer a multilevel company can stay in business, the stronger it is. What’s more, it ranks third in pubic interest gain in 2011. Based in North Carolina, it is a member of the Better Business Bureau and Direct Selling Associations.

In my opinion, ACN Inc. has true potential for online marketing, as it has operations in 26 European countries, including Ireland, Norway, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia. ACN’s products include video phone, VOIP (voice over internet protocol, a technology for making telephone calls over the internet where speech is converted to binary data), and internet access, and can be sold retail. However, the ACN rep is expected to build a downline consisting of other ACN reps to sell services and recruit others, in the same way that any other MLM works.

The compensation plan includes CABs (customer acquisition bonuses), calculated from preferred customer’s monthly payments and new rep fees. It’s advisable to make yourself aware of all the fees involved before you join this opportunity. Don’t be surprised to find monthly, annual, and sign-up fees. However, if you’re familiar with the average multilevel business, then you will be aware that a start-up fee is to be expected.

As with the average MLM out there, the training is minimal. This company can easily be marketed online; however, there is much to learn with respect to online marketing. Here are a few pointers to get you started:

Step number 1: Brand yourself as the expert.

This can be done most easily with a personal blog. It’s important to remember that online marketing is all about promoting you, not your products. When you’re looking to build a downline, as you need with a multilevel organization, the experts teach us that people will join you for you, not your opportunity. You will need to invest some time and money in training yourself first, because none of us are simply born experts! However, once you learn just a few important tips, you’ve got one up on the guy who doesn’t know, so to him, you’re the expert.

Step number 2: Promote your blog.

Now you have a blog, but it’s of no use to you unless somebody out there can see it. So you need to promote, which means, yes, just like in any other business, you need to spend money to make money. However, if you’re financially strapped, there are a lot of methods available today with only a small financial outlay up front. And some techniques can be purchased with only a one time fee. I personally find that article marketing is the easiest and most cost effective method. I also strongly recommend YouTube videos linking to your blog to bring up the SEO. The key here is to get as many links as possible all pointing to your blog.

Step number 3: Establish relationship with your new found leads.

Once the traffic starts building, the leads are available! The professionals use an automatic email responder system, or “autoresponder” to make immediate contact with the leads via email. You can get started with this for a little out lay as only $20 per month. It’s fun when you see the autorsponder message your email inbox advising you that you have a new lead!

Source by Nancy Harnell