Corporate videos are an effective way to impress your clients by showing them your products and services and communicating to them your vision and processes. A corporate video refers to a company’s video for the purpose of its promotion, staff training, safety guidelines, showing products and financial results or for providing any kind of information to its staff and business clients and other target audiences.

Smart Boy Productions is equipped with the latest technology and professionals with a rich experience in corporate video production for a wide range of companies. These professionals offer an exciting, unique and an innovative work. Smart Boy Productions provides strategic and meaningful corporate video production services which will take you a step ahead of your competitors and generate leads for your company by focusing on all the aspects to create a powerful visual impact.

In the era of digital technology, new ways of advertising and promoting a company have evolved. Companies now have the options of either uploading their promotional videos on their websites and on other websites too like etc. or distributing them in form of DVDs and thus they are able to reach a bigger clientele in low cost and short period of time.

Corporate video production requires specialists in relevant technology and broadcast equipments. Videotaping, editing and distributing a finished video product is a responsibility of the production company. This can be further classified into various stages as pre-production, production and post-production.

The pre-production stage is all about developing the content in form of a story. After the story is created, scripting is done and different locations for shooting are decided which could be indoor or outdoor. And then the most important aspect is covered i.e. planning the budget.

Now comes the time for real action which is the actual filming of the whole act with the help of a team comprising of various professionals for direction, lights, sound, camera, art, special effects etc. All this comes under the category of production stage.

After capturing the footage, starts the work for post-production team which does editing, color correction, audio correction, graphic designing, sequencing and then finally producing a quality video ready for distribution.

Source by Sanjay K