So Who Is Jim Yaghi?

Jim Yaghi is slowly emerging to becoming a marketing rockstar in the network marketing industry. Jim is originally from Jordan and currently resides in Australia. Jim is considered to be, from many of his fellow marketers, a genius. Ever since his childhood Jim has always had an inclination to dissect technology and know how things work. It’s safe to assume that he took the same approach when he made the decision to completely master Google AdWords.

What Makes Jim Credible Enough To Listen To?

Jim is the creator of the industry acclaimed PPC Domination training course. If that doesn’t mean a lot to you consider this. Jim is the guy behind the scenes who runs the PPC campaigns for Mike Dillard who is one of the top producers in the industry and is the creator of Magnetic Sponsoring, one of the most popular network marketing communities in the industry. So if Mike trusts Jim with all of his PPC campaigns, it would be wise of you to listen to what Jim has to say.

What Can You Expect From Jim’s PPC Course?

A lot. From all of the other PPC course I have seen in the industry, none can compare to the benefits you will get from Jim’s course. He has such a knack for taking what would seem as a complex concept and making it seem rather simple and easily understood. The majority of people who have used PPC before Jim’s course would be spending more money than they had to. Just by using one of Jim’s tips for five minutes per day you can increase your click through rate and your conversions. Jim takes you through the basic sales funnel, discusses buyer psychology and goes into great detail with keyword research. Essentially, if there is anything you need to know about using PPC to generate highly targeted leads for your business, it is included in this course.

Can You Get Results Using Google AdWords?

Unequivocally yes. Your results will be fully maximized by utilizing the training tips and professional advice from Jim in his AdWords PPC course. Jim has literally taken months of his life to break down exactly how Google AdWords works, and will give you a real edge from following his instructions in this course. By absorbing everything that Jim teaches, you can expect to see a dramatic increase in your conversions, spend less money per click and increase your quality score for keywords. You will have a distinct advantage over your competition by using these strategies. Most of the people who advertise using AdWords jump in blindly and have no way to measure their results. Through PPC Domination you will know exactly what your metrics are and increase your click-throughs while decreasing cost-per-click (CPC) through a scientific process.

Why You Want To Use Pay-Per-Click Advertising

This is your best route to take if you don’t want to deal with the high learning curve of search engine optimization (SEO). Yes, PPC does cost money to implement, but if you follow the techniques Jim specifically outlines in his training course you can actually generate a profit every time you generate a lead. This is based on the funded proposal concept. So unless you want to spend countless hours learning SEO and producing content, it is recommended that you get this course, learn it and start generating leads and sign-ups for your business.

Source by Joey Fratantoni