Have you ever received an email from someone and wondered “who is this?” How did they get my information? They just sent you an email out of the clear blue sky from their email marketing system. How does that make you feel? That is wrong on so many levels. DON’T DO THAT!

That happened to me countless times. As a result it really makes me mad that someone has added me to their email marketing list without my permission. There is this thing called etiquette in using email marketing. It’s called permission marketing. You need to get permission from that person in order to market to them.

Let’s say you met someone at a networking event and they passed you their business card. That does not give you the right to add them to your email marketing list either. Or you attended a networking event or you were in a mastermind group with this person.. You still have to get permission from that person to add them or they must opt into an email list of some sort of yours Why:

  • It’s Spam
  • You can be reported to your email marketing services provider as a spammer
  • You are breaking the anti-spam law called CAN-SPAM
  • It can effect your ability to use email marketing in the future
  • People forget and don’t remember you
  • You can’t/shouldn’t add people to a list without their permission

Just because you have connected with people on social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, IG, etc.) you can’t just download people’s best email addresses and bulk add them to your database either. That goes back to etiquette and being respectful of other people’s privacy. Plus it hurts your reputation. And we know once your reputation is ruined it’s hard to get people to trust you again.

Don’t make these rookie mistakes.

Furthermore, the worst mistake you can make is purchasing an email list. It’ can be considered a waste of time and money. Plus wasted effort of sending out emails that will not even get opened.

Most likely your email marketing service provider will not let you email to an email list that you bought. Again people on that email list don’t even know who you are so most likely they won’t open your emails.

In conclusion, keep your emails short and to the point. Don ‘t write a book. Emails must be easy to read and scan. Break up your text using bullet points to draw attention to your best lines. Happy emailing.

Source by Deborah Northcutt