If you have a small or medium sized business, you may be looking at a PPC campaign on a low budget. Since these advertising campaigns come with so many features, you may find it hard to run this campaign at first. Here are some tips for you if you want to get started with this form of advertising.

#1 Start with a Few Products

First of all, you should choose a few of your best services or products to take a start. For this, you should find out the products that are the most popular. These products or services should have the highest conversion rate and profit margin.

#2 Quality Score

The success of your PPC campaign depends upon the Quality Score as well. This technique is used by Google for a successful ad campaign. If your QS is very relevant and high, you won’t need to pay too much for the ad placement.

So, how do you get a high QS score? One way is to match the ads, keywords and home pages in an effective manner.

#3 Understand the ad networks

In Google AdWords, you can show ads in two different places for instance. Google will show your text ads on the search results page, or it can show image ads across its display Network.

Here it’s important that you target only one ad network in your each campaign. If you are targeting both Display and Search networks, you can split your task into two sections: display network and search network.

#4 Customize Your Ad Campaign

You need to customize your ad campaign to show ads in the relevant areas. These are the areas where your products or services will most likely to be purchased in. for instance, if you are a dentist based in California, you wouldn’t want to show your ads in New York.

#5 Target Mobile Phone Users

Nowadays, most Internet users browse the web on their smartphones. Based on your business, make sure you target mobile users as well. Therefore, you should adjust your ad campaign accordingly.

If you know that most of your customers don’t use mobile phones, you can make changes to your mobile ad bids to save a lot of money. However, keep in mind that most people use their smartphones to surf the internet.

#6 Use exact and phrases and Keywords

When making keyword lists, you should make a list of the exact matches. This way your ads won’t get too many clicks and impressions as the ads will be shown to those customers who will type the exacts phrases or keywords.

This will also help you increase your conversion rates and ROI, which will grow your business.

#7 Go With Text Ads

In the start, it’s recommended that you go with text ads only. Make sure that the text ads have a few keywords in the relevant ad group. This trick is a good one if you want a higher Quality Score.

So, with these 7 tips, you can run a successful PPC ad campaign to grow your business.

Source by Satvik Mittal