Email marketing and list building are inseparable when it comes to online marketing. Most online entrepreneurs make use of email marketing to grow their lists. Emails still remain to be the most effective technique in attracting and getting people to sign up with your list. Email marketing and list building have become easier to conduct through the years because of the rise of tools and applications that marketers can use to hasten and even automate the process. This doesn’t mean however that success is guaranteed. Just like any marketing strategy, you have to work hard using the right tactics if you are to find any sort of success in this field.

Here are a few of the secrets that most online marketers use to achieve success with email marketing and list building.

1. Make use of list building tools and plug-ins. There are so many of these tools in the market. See to it that you choose the ones most appropriate for the kind of email campaigns you are planning to implement. These are very effective in organizing and managing your email campaigns. They save you a lot of time and money. Most of these tools and plug-ins allow you to automate things like sending emails or responding to messages sent your way. They will do all these in auto-pilot. All you need to do is make sure they function properly and operate smoothly.

2. Write subject lines that are attention-grabbing. This is a very important aspect of email marketing and list building. It’s very unfortunate that so many online marketers take this for granted. Always keep in mind that people online are very busy people. The time you sent them an email, they are probably doing a lot of things like playing a game, watching a video, writing an article, or chatting with someone. That said, your email message will be ignored if it doesn’t get the person’s attention. So give him or her a reason to stop whatever it is he/she is doing and read your email. You can do this by writing a subject line that will grab that person’s attention.

3. A clear call to action. In email marketing and list building, the “call to action” is that part of the message wherein you ask or request the reader to do something like buy a product, click on a button, subscribe to a newsletter, etc. In essence, this is where the money and profits lay. If you have a good “call to action”, you will be selling more products and getting more sign-ups on your newsletter.

4. Give something valuable for free. Most online marketers use this technique to find email marketing and list building success. The concept is about giving something for free in exchange for contact details. For instance, you can give out a free eBook when someone signs up with your mailing list.

5. Perform a lot of testing. Try out different formats of email messages. Track and measure their performances. Scrap the ones that aren’t working. Scale those that are getting results.

If you follow and put these secrets into good use, nothing can stop you from finding success in email marketing and list building. Click here to learn about more secrets for success in your email marketing and list building efforts.

Source by Jen Chang