We have all heard about the necessity to drive traffic to our website so that we have a longevity presence on the Internet for years to come. However, we also know that without traffic, there’ll be no interested customers and finally no sales.

You cannot be an Island way out in the Pacific Ocean waiting for the next shipment of goods and services (sales) to come into Port as a matter of speaking. In other words, we don’t need our website or blog to be another site sitting on the back burner.

There are too many websites and blogs rusting on the heap of broken dreams.

While this may be true, the ideal online entrepreneur relies heavily on his proactive activities to promote and market his website on the World Wide Web. These activities can be split up into 2 areas:

1. Proactively generating solo ads. Is an opportunity to multiply your efforts to expose your goods and services to millions of readers looking for that something special? For example, your site is built with all the foundations of a future business venture, which includes your articles, banners, FAQs, contacts, design and color.

The squeeze page is all ready to accept subscribers. In fact, the next process is to try paid advertising with solo ads. After all, paid advertising assures targeted traffic while free advertising is a ‘hit and miss’ approach. Also, with paid advertising your website is exposed to visitors already with a mindset and credit card ready to buy, hence the reason why pay per click campaigns are popular in generating millions of dollars for Google.

Furthermore, running solo ads requires 4 lines of text with a banner for potential customers to click on. Once they click the banner or text links, they can be directed to your website offerings or to a squeeze page to collect their email addresses. Once you have the email address from potential customers, you’re now in the position to start delivering a series of quality informational content as an added emphasis of importance before the buyer intends to purchase.

In fact, numerous gurus talk about quality content and the urgency for every site to be accustomed to, on a daily basis. Considering you want loyal customers to keep coming back – wanting more of your offerings. For that reason, Google has a way of ranking sites to the top of the search engines when originality, content has been placed on a site. The Google bots (spiders) often visit to look for originality. If there is nothing new portrayed, there will be no reason to move your site for further progression.

2. Generate traffic with StumbleUpon. Is very popular and a very effective bookmarking site with a low bounce rate, which means your visitors will stay longer and hopefully read and subscribe to your RSS feed.

The idea is to sign up to their website and click on the ‘stumble’ button which in turn directs you to a site matching your interests, so that you can rate with thumbs up or thumbs down, photos, web pages, videos and recommended web content to its users.

Also, the idea is to become a part of the StumbleUpon community by building relationships with others before advertising your website to receive traffic.

Notably, your relationship activities include visiting other users sites to rate their popularity, so these users can rate your site when you submit your goods and services.

Even more, we can build a StumbleUpon profile, by adding information about yourself, your hobbies, and interests so you can be in a position to start trading links and banners for advertising purposes with like-minded people. Above all, be natural and honest with your dealings with this community so they can sense a friendly relationship and finally to build traffic to your website.

In conclusion, the whole idea about this site is once content is distributed amongst the social networks, users will “stumble upon” web pages and put together their recommendations.

Source by Richard Taputoro