We’re not downplaying it: Digital Marketing is tough.

But anything worth having is worth working for right?

And wouldn’t it be worth while having access to your fans or potential customers wherever, whenever, through messenger marketing?

Messenger Marketing is a channel that, when used responsibly, opens up infinite opportunities for communication and engagement with your audience. Thus, driving more streams and sales of albums. 👀

If you’ve been on the fence about digital marketing its about time you go ahead dive in (and, trust us, you want to), digital marketing is the wave of the future. And messenger marketing is how email was in the 90s! With open rates of 80%

You see where we’re going here with this 😉

Why messenger marketing? Here’s a few bullet points to get the gears churning.

  • Grow Your Revenue with Messenger Marketing
  • Grow Your Facebook Messenger Subscribers
  • Send Message Blasts to Your Subscribers
  • Automate Your Responses to Fans With Chatbots
  • Utilize the Best Facebook Messenger Tool (ManyChat)
  • Integrate ManyChat with Zapier (Remember we mentioned Zapier a few weeks back)
  • Send a Sponsored Messenger Ad
  • Nurture Relationships With Fans inside of Messenger
  • Deliver Content (Music/Art)
  • Deploy Retargeting
  • Drive More Sales

We use ManyChat exclusively for messenger marketing via Facebook. Check them out today @manychathq

The key to success on Facebook with Messenger Marketing is to follow Facebook’s policies first and foremost:

  • Become better at marketing
  • Become better at talking to people
  • And focus on building long-term relationships

With Facebook’s renewed focus on relationship building, if you follow Facebook’s policies and do Facebook Messenger Marketing right, you’ll be way ahead your competitors—because you’re reaching people where their attention is already focused.

But to succeed with messenger marketing on Facebook Messenger, you shouldn’t come from a marketing perspective alone.

Instead, think of yourself as a social engineer for a lack of a better term.

You need to return to the basics of good story telling, the foundation of marketing.

If you want people to click on your ads, stream your music, or better yet buy your album or merch, you need to figure out who they are first and second what they want.

Figure out creative ways to engage with your fans. Which shouldn’t be hard, they’re your fans! Just be you! Focus on your audience and what’s important to them.

Drive relationships. The engagement will come.

If you need help, you know where to find us. ✌🏾🌴