If this is your first year in network marketing, you may feel a little bit lost about how to build your business. In the beginning, you think it is going to be easy, at least if you believe what your upline tells you. You only need to bring in three, and then your downline will magically just build itself. Right?

What you probably discovered pretty quickly is that it doesn’t usually work out that way. Even if you managed to recruit a lot of friends, family and co-workers into your business, some (or maybe a lot) of them may have dropped out after a few months or they may be all but inactive (neither building the business or consuming the products).

I would imagine that like many in their first year of being in network marketing, you may have hit a bit of a brick wall after trying to build your downline with your warm market as your only lead pool. So if you are in this position, what do you do next?

What you need to do is have a better plan than this, one in which you brand yourself. Then you can work your way toward the ultimate objective of network marketing: earning residual income.

If this is your first year in network marketing, don’t expect to get rich overnight. You can build your business steadily and earn good money before too long, though, provided you have the right knowledge and skills.

For anyone in their first year of network marketing, here are four steps to branding yourself:

1. Create A Data Capture Page (aka Lead Capture Page or Squeeze Page): As someone in their first year of network marketing, the very first and most important thing you need to do is to create a data capture page. Why? Because it is the means by which you will start to build a list — the very cornerstone of building any successful network marketing business.

2. Create A Newsletter: Once you have started to build a list, you want to get an autoresponder system in place and create a newsletter to send out to the people on your list. This is important because it gives your list content, and positions you as a leading authority in your niche. This is a critical component to building a successful network marketing business, and should be a major focal point of your first year in network marketing. You want to brand YOU, not your company.

3. Build A Relationship With Your List: Another key component is to build a relationship with your list. You want them to become loyal to you. By interacting with your list, you will build a trust factor between you and your list. Since people will always buy from people, not from companies, this is very important.

4. Offer Solutions To Problems They Have: When deciding how to communicate with your list, you want to focus on giving them solutions to the problems they are having. This is why you want to focus on talking about the benefits of your product and information about your niche, and not focus (at least the majority of the time) on the business opportunity. By taking this approach, you will actually “sell” more people than you would if you were just pushing people to get into your business.

Put these four things into place into your business, and you will see a much more productive — and profitable — business at the end of your first year in network marketing.

Source by Terry Duff