If you want to win online freestyle battles, then read this. You will learn secrets for hip hop freestyle battles.

When you are in the middle of your rap battle, the worst thing that can happen to you is if you do not know what you are going to say next. So in our discussion today we are going to discuss how you can use your senses to flow right into your next rhyme.

There are three senses that if you focus on you will never run out of something to flow about in your rap battles. These three senses are visual, auditory and physical. When you use these senses, you don’t have to be so dependent on your memory. When you rely totally on your memory, you may run out of something to say or you may forget what your next line is.

Let’s give some examples so that you have an understanding of how you can use your senses. Imagine that as you are flowing you’re getting ready to run out of something to say. You decide to take advantage of two of your senses as you spot someone in the audience with a very bushy mustache. You can freestyle and diss about how he will look when he is eating his mustache.

Maybe your opponent has a baldhead. You can freestyle about how shiny his head is and how you have to wear sunglasses because of the light bouncing off of his head. Again, you have used your visual sense as well as the physical sense to continue your flow.

So as you continue to work on your freestyle rap battles, don’t be totally dependent on your memory. Add potential content by using your visual, auditory and physical senses. This will enable you to flow straight through your battles and come out as the victor.

Source by Mike Min