Brochures can be folded in many ways depending on what you want. But a trifold brochure template is the most commonly-used template for brochures and is probably the easiest way to attract readers and prospective customers. The reason is not just because of the excellent aesthetics it gives but also because of the features and benefits it can do.

Trifold brochure templates vary in size; the most common template size being 8.5″ x 11.0″. Other sizes include “8.5 x 14”, “11 x 17″, and 11.0″ x 25.5”. Given this, you are provided various options to choose from. And depending on your choice, you can even customize the size.

But what’s really good about choosing a trifold brochure template is the fact that you’re given the chance to save money. This option doesn’t really require you to ask for professional help, which comes with expensive fees. The printing of the brochures is already costly and you don’t want to spend more on something that you are capable of doing.

One great way for you to produce a tri-fold brochure template is by using the layout and built-in columns features of Microsoft Word. After you have set up the page, you just have to add pictures and text and you’re ready to print. Other software that can allow you to produce a trifold brochure include Microsoft Publisher and Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

Meanwhile, if you want your brochures to have a professional look, you can always purchase templates online or visit your local printing companies. But for some, purchasing trifold brochure templates online is a lot easier than visiting their local stores. This is because of an obvious reason. It is a lot simpler to do online shopping since you won’t have to go out of your house. All you need to do is browse through the best online brochure printing companies, select a template, purchase, download, and then print.

Three of the online printing companies that offer trifold brochure templates in various designs, colours, and styles are: Layout Ready, Stock Layouts, and Powered Templates. Layout Ready offers trifold templates in different designs for $29.95. What’s unique about their templates is that you can open and edit them using Microsoft Word or Publisher. Stock Layouts is another great site that offers trifold templates for brochures. Their templates have been completely designed that the only thing you need to do before printing is edit the content. Powered Templates, on the other hand, offers about 900 trifold brochure templates in various designs and colours, with prices at $36.

With a trifold brochure template, you won’t have to do much thinking. The design has been made for you and you only have to edit some content, much easier than creating your own.

Source by Bart Newman