Catching a film, whether in the middle of the week or the end of it, is a great way to relax and unwind with friends, families, or significant others. In the past, a good classic action film or horror flick was a rarity that would lure in only the most adventurous movie goers. Now, countless films come out in all genres and sub-genres with varying degrees of success pushing the limits of all the many facets of film making. However, comic book based movies have exploded over the last decade and their loyal fans continue to be reward with incredible storylines and spiraling side films that do require some homework. Read this before seeing another superhero movie.

  1. Read your comic books

The comic book based films require an understanding of some pre-established content that is not always guaranteed to be explained in the film versions. Most of the directors of these types of films choose to incorporate some expositional dialogue, but many do not. As a result, some viewers-simply diving into a movie- may become terribly confused or need to watch pre-refreshers prior to seeing a film. With some basic understanding of the characters though, the experience can become much more enjoyable.

  1. Old and new combine

These movies are not simply regurgitating old story lines from their comic book counterparts. Often, a comic book based film is pushing the limits on redefining the characters and making the struggle or the themes relevant to the times. Many of the comics were created in the 80’s and 90’s and require some updating for them to feel fresh and relevant again. Knowing how these heroes have changed or been adapted for the modern age is part of the fun! It can be a bit confusing, but learning about the history of these heroes and their roles makes the movies much more engaging and thought provoking.

  1. Social justice

While the heroes in our comic book based films are off fighting villains and pushing for social justice from within their universe, the directors and actors playing these roles are doing the same through the plots, themes, and acting choices. Watching these flicks isn’t only about mindless action and adventure. The themes explored can range from civil rights, racism, privacy law, authoritarianism, democracy, violence, loyalty, and more. Don’t be fooled by the way these films are marketed. Underneath all the adventure are hours worth of deep and stimulating conversation.

Keep these things in mind before you decide to go see that new release everyone has been raving about.

Source by Christopher Rivera